Sunday, January 4, 2015

hiro super silhouette

hey,how was the new year?i hope good :D,so here goes the next car,a boso tune,after super long time...i dont like doing replicas,but it somehow tuner out i more or less replicated hiro's r30, its based on this r30 i did with FLASH some time what all i did on it:

-hiro bodykit(bumpers,sideskirts,spoiler,headlight loovre,all modeled by me,in case of spoiler,i did that one actually some time ago,for THIS markII,its actually same)
-hiro motors badge(on car it is 4x in total,its half 3d,letters are done by texture)
-paintjob(just simple red/ black,done by textures,not sa colors
-hiro super silhouette,v-1 etc decals
-edited plates(front one replaced by hiro plate,and actuall front one moved behind the front window)
-hiro v1 rims(modeled by me and FLASH while ago,but i fucked up the dish back then,so i remodeled the dish,also did new render alike texture for it,also i edited texture to get the color theme that was used on this car irl,so silver middle,different hiro plate on middle...)
-edited exhaust(just stretched pipes)
-adapted to ivlm(you must do that every time you load the dff that have it done,lel)

....aand thats it i think,its not rly a long list,but modelling the kit take me the longest time,so in the end i spend whole night on it again,haha...well that would be it,i didnt wrote anything like that in years,but i got prepared one other car to post :D,not tuned,just fixed one old one,but about that next cya until then ;).