Sunday, July 24, 2011

toyota starlet ep82 tuned

hi,so there is tuned version of starlet ep82:D.i went quite wild on this one,its more like time attack car,but i actualy using it for ff drift what all i did change:
-bodykit(pretty much custom bodykit,atleast i didnt saw anything like that on some starlet yet,bumpers,sideskirts,fenders modeled/remodeled by me,bonnet by 41AEIMI,second big spoiler by SVANDER)
-new grill(this one,modeled by me)
-reworked trunk(middle light is gone,trunk is cleaned)
-new taillights
-interior(new seats,rollcage,new swheel,added gauges,removed rear seats)
-new wheels(my tom's racing ones)
-new exhaust(modeled by me)
-edited plates
and thats probaly all about this car,i must say its one from my best cars sofar i think :D...i have some next things to show up,like new nikko and some cars...i think i will start with nikko...thats all for now,so cya;D.