Monday, July 19, 2021

GTA V...

hi, its been a while again lel. this time i dont have any new mods to show, this is more or less just an general update.

lately ive been playing gta V quite a bit, for the first time since relase, but on pc this time around. finished the story and such, and now im screwing around, it didnt really took long and i started modding the game allitle bit lel. obviously i do so with the single player, as im not even that interested in gta:o. its nothing crazy so far, made me a drift handling, well not completely, its based on a handling i found on the internet, tweaked to my likings, and such haha.

so far im having a great fun with it, i even thought about trying to make some mods for it myself, but im not too sure about that as it seems like it works quite abit differently than what im used to, so well see about that yet haha.


and here goes probably the main reason why im even making this post in the first place. i kind of realised that i havent uploaded anything to youtube in 3 years, and i had some of my drifting in V recorded, so i figured might aswell pick a better run and upload it, haha. its not perfect by any means, im still getting the hang of it and tweaking the handling as i go, but i think it will do. what i find kinda funny is that even tho V is much more demanding game, when i turn the fraps on i dont seem to loose any fps, unlike with my pretty much fully modded san andreas lol...oh well haha.


so yeah, i guess this is it for this time, and see you next time ;).

Monday, March 8, 2021

silvia s13 90s style

hi, i got kinda lazy and it took a while since last post, but here goes the final new thing i need to catch up with, this time its a 90s styled tuned version of the silvia s13 from the last post :D. i really like simple cars like this, wich is probably kinda obvious given to how many of them i did over the years lmao. so anyway, what have changed from the stock version:


  • full oem "aero" kit (front bumper, sideskirts, rear pods) bwave spoiler, chargespeed lip, gtr style grille, new muffler, all made from scratch by me
  • color is based on one of these metallics they used pretty often back in the day
  • some stickers here and there.


  • recaro sr3 driver seat from SURGE and nardi steering wheel with silver centre, both reworked quite a bit by me some time ago
  • ultranorsk at the mirror
  • some interior plastic bits are in the body color

wheels and tires.

  • ssr mk3 at the back, model comes from nfs shift2 but i reworked them quite a bit
  • ssr longchamp xr4 at the front, i made them by mixing 2 different wheel models. basically i took the mk3's from the back and replaced the centre, using an old model of unkown origin that i have laying around for years. ofcrouse made some other fixes and tweaks to make it blend toghether well
  • tires are the usual ones i use on all stock cars, but with lower profile and different textures, no tire stretch here haha
  • ofcourse they have some camber haha

...and i thats all all to it really, nothing else have really changed from the stock one. but even tho not that many things changed, i think it ended up really good, really happy with it :D. 

and i mentioned in the beggining of this post, this is last new mod i done, i havent done anything else since this one, and i dont know when i will, i got kinda bored of it again to be honest lmao. im not going to make a goodbye post and shit again, as im pretty sure i will eventually get back to it, it may happen in a month, it may happen in few years, but so far i allways eventually came back, after all, i still have a bunch of ideas for new mods haha. and since i have absolutely no idea when i will post something here again, might aswell once again shamelessly plug my INSTAGRAM, where im way more active, lel.

so yeah, this is it for this time, have a good day and see you again sometime ;D.


Saturday, January 16, 2021

nissan silvia s13 K's

hi, so here goes another (partially) new thing, a nissan silvia s13 K's :D. years ago i did this silvia and have been using it ever since, but there was alot of things that could be better, so i decided to rework it. its basically the same story like with my levin haha. and so i did, ended up remodelling pretty much entire thing, its also full on late term K's with everything it should have :D. so anyway, what i did on it:


some things were reshaped as they werent too correct, especially the front wich was too slanted. bumpers, lights, bumpers, windows and theyr surrounds, doorhandles (originally by SURGE), mirrors were remodelled quite a bit. made a bunch of missing details such as fuel cap, wipers, antenne, badges and so on. new wheels, oem 15" hubcaps made by me, im kinda sick of seeing the 8spoke or teardrop alloys on about every stock s13 model, and i like this more anyway haha. tires are the usual stock ones, but the updated ones that i mentioned in the familia post, i actually made the update to them for this silvia haha. new colors, actual s13 ones based on a late term brochure, and some small things here and there.


interior is all new, originally from forza, i used the interior out of s13 convert made by NKYMTOR, but reworked it quite a bit, remodeled to make it propertly fit into this model, fixed some bugs here and there and completely retextured. the seat pattern is the correct one for K's trim. all the buttons and gauges glow in night.


engine is all new, its based on s14 engine from juiced2 but completely reworked to make it look more like s13 one, engine bay is all new but it uses the j2 textures to make it match with the rest.

like usally theres some extra parts, 2 this time, one is oem optional "surfboard" spoiler, and second is the surfboard spoiler+ oem optional front lip, both modeled by me. i was considering making the lip as a standalone extra aswell, but i didnt really feeled the look of it without any spoiler, so decided not to lel.

then all the typical gta stuff, new colisions, vlo and shadow models, adapted to steering.cs and ivlm, etc lel.

and thats all there is to it. i spend quite a few days working on this one, but i think it ended up really good and im really happy with it:D.

aaand thats is for this time, i still have one more thing to post about, not very suprisingly, its a tuned version of this s13 haha. so see you next time ;). 

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

nikko circuit v3...?

hi, so here goes another new map, this time its a new version of nikko circuit :D.

the map is originally by MIAMIAK for rfactor. i already converted it before, allmost 11 years ago. i remodeled the map quite a bit back then, but it ended up looking rather bad, so later i made a second version that looked abit better, but it still wasnt that geat lol. figured its time to do it again, and propertly this time :D.

im actually not too sure if i can call it a v3, because it have absolutely nothing to do with the old versions, as i have started fresh with an rfactor map. i still ended up remodelling th map quite a bit, to make it fit in 1dff size limit, also made some fixes and improvements here and there, but i tryed my best to preserve the look of the original rfactor map with all the details, and i think i was rather succeful with it this time around hahaha. ofcourse i also remodeled it in a way where its an new island rather than floating road like usally haha.

other than that i did all the things to make it work and look nice in game, a day/night prelit, lod model etc. given to how the map layout is, i set the colision file in a way where the gravel part of the map actually act like gravel, and grass like grass when you drive on it haha. since the map model came with some street lamps here and there, i set up and 2dfx light for them so they work propertly too. and well, like usally, the map uses several dffs with same coordinates, so i could preserve all the details haha.

i think thats really all to it, im really happy with how it ended up :D.

and so thats all for this time, next is going to be an another revisit of older mod, a car this time. so see you then ;D.


Monday, December 28, 2020

hiroshima circuit...again

hi, so its time to continue with catching up with the new stuff, so here goes a new map i was working on about 2 months ago. a new hiroshima circuit :D.

you may remember that i made a hiroshima once before years ago, but it wasnt exactly great lmao. even tho the circuit irl is long gone, i allways kinda liked it, its pretty unique, so i decided to do it once again. this time its a convert from asseto corsa, made by skyflightmusic of 90sGDSP. he also made the hakone i converted few years back, but unlike hakone, this time around i recieved a permission to actually do so, for wich i want to thank him :D.

and so i have converted it. since its very nicely done (pretty sure its the best hiroshima map availible as of now), it went really smooth as there wasnt too much remodelling for me to do, basically i just fixed some small bugs here and there, and, like usally, remodelled the outline of the map so its an actual island, rather than just floating road above the sea lel. other than that i just done all the usual stuff, day and night prelight, lod model and so on haha. also similary to my other recent maps, it uses several dffs with same coordinates, as the map is rather high poly, so i done it this way to preserve all the details :D

i think it ended up really good, really happy with it :D.

and so thats all for this time, next up is an another map, once again a revisit of an older map i done before. i dont think i will be making any more posts this year, so have a nice new years celebration, happy late christmas, and see you next time ;D.


Thursday, December 3, 2020

nissan cedric y31, revisited

hi, so here goes another new thing. a pile of nissan cedrics y31, lol.

about 9 years ago i made police y31 based on a model from some battlefield mod. i remodeled it quite a bit then, check the old post where i go into more detail. after that i reworked it into a civil version, and last, i made a tokyo musen taxi version out of it aswell. i was planning to do one more taxi variant out of it, after all theres 2 taxis in sa, but i somehow never did...

...untill now, lol.

so yeah, i decided its about time to do it, figured i will go with the nihon kotsu variant, and while i was in there, i also did few other changes and stuff:

-made new wheels for it, old ones were generic steeries i was using for years, there was a nice texture of an actual cedric steelie in the main texture (it actually used to have the model aswell, but it sucked so i deleted it lol), so i decided to model them. even back then it used the stock tire ive been using for years, but the first, kinda fucked up version, so i replaced it with first fixed version. i was considering coming back to it once more and use the second fixed version (as seen on the mazda from the last post), but figured i cant really be bothered with this one, lmao.

-added some missing features, such as antenne (i deleted it from every other version other than police one for whatever reason), remodeled the rear badges so they arent a part of the paint texture, etc.

-modelled the taxi hat on roof

-nihon kotsu livery, the writting and the flowerish logo comes from a nihon kotsu y31 made by 41AEIMI on the same battlefield y31 base, but his one didnt really matched with the other ones i did so i decided to do it myself lol. the color part of the livery is by me tho.

-some small bug fixes here and there

-some gta features reworked, chassis_vlo, collisions etc.

...and thats really it, but while that might be it for the nihon kotsu one, its deffinitelly not for the rest. after i made this one, i decided to revisit the old ones too, and do all the changes on all of them so they all match with each other, lel. now all of them got the new wheels, the badges on the trunk, antennas, new chassis_vlo and colision, the bug fixes etc.

stock and police ones havent changed that much besides the stuff mentioned above, and a new carcols line on the stock one, but on the tokyo musen taxi i did abit more changes. deleted the extra parts as they were rather unrealistic anyway, only thing left is the "closed" sign infront the passanger behind the window, that is now permanently there (just like in nihon kotsu one). i also made the mirrors and bonnet grille part chrome again, i relocated the taxi hat on the roof abit too, etc.

also decided to keep all of them simple, no ivlm, steering.cs and other fancy stuff this time, figured it matches the simple style of it better...and i didnt felt like remodelling the headlights and shit anyway lol.

and so i think thats all about them. the nihon kotsu didnt took that long, and the fixes on the other variants didnt took that long aswell once i did it all on the new taxi one. really dont know why it took me 9 years to do it lmao. but whatever, what matters is in the end it all ended up pretty good haha.

aaand thats it for this time, still have some stuff left to post about, next one is going to be an another map, so see you then ;).


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

mazda familia 1.5XG

hi, so here goes another thing i done few months ago, a mazda familia bd, in an actual 1.5XG trim :D.

i made this model from scratch for stuner about 2 years ago, but i have been changing it and making new aftermarket parts for it ever since. now that im back at gta, i figured i want to bring that one to gta aswell, and here we are :D. not going to do the typical what i did on it segment, as i did everything on it really lol, but just some notes:

-fully from scratch by me, only things that arent by me, but edited quite a bit anyway are the tires and brake rotors, licence plates, interiror mirror, pedals and partially front seats lol. exterior mirrors are by me too, but for a different stuner car lel.

-even tho i made the interior yet for stuner, i had to rework it quite a bit again to make it look good in gta, added a bunch of missing details, the fabric texture on the seats is the correct one the XG should have, etc.

-for gta i also had to make the engine. honestly i think its one of best engines i did on my own, not just a flat surface with photo like back in the day, its semi 3d haha

-made 4 extra parts, 1 is volk aero front halfbumper. 2 is a boot spoiler, i believe its from love lark. 3 is a pioneer audio system, my old ts-x7 parcelshelf speakers, and aditional tape deck, equalizer and amplifier on the dashboard. 4 combines the 1-3 togheter, + it also got a lonesone carboy sticker on the rear window and volk aero sticker on the half bumper, that changes the color based on what color the car have so its allways vissible :D

-proper colors, based on brochures etc

-proper colision so rain shows correctly on it, a thing i used to somehow ignore for years lol

-adapted to ivlm and steering.cs

also, since posting this one on my INSTAGRAM, i actually made few small tweaks on it and then took new pics lol. fixed 2 small bugs i found, changed the tire, its still the same tire ive been using on stock cars for years, but i reworked it abit, so i decided to update it here too, added the heater lines to the rear window, and changed one small thing with ivlm, as i figured how to make it even better haha.

...and i think thats about it really, im really happy with how this one turned out :D. i made quite alot of stuff like this for stuner, eventually id like to get it all to gta, but at this pace it gonna take years lmfao, oh well.

so yeah, thats all for now, so see you next time ;D.