Sunday, May 12, 2024

new build, ff drifting and some parts

hi, its been a while lel. but ive been kinda busy with other things, mainly with a new irl project car haha. but i do still play carx from time to time. especially lately, with this new build haha.

so, its a eg civic, build for ff drifting. i have been messing with ff drifting for ages, all the way back in lfs in 2008 or 09, in gta, and ofc in carx too, but i never really fully managed to get the hang of it, or tune the car propertly...but now that theres abit more ff cars other than that god awful eclipse, i figured i will mess with it again and finally came up with something good :D.

this time around i figured i will try to make a typical beater car for the first time, with scratches, rust, mismatched body panels and shitton of stickers especially on the windows. i think i was pretty sucefull with that, for example front right fender is similar color to simulate a poorly repainted replacement, and the lip is just frp off white, i also added some damage around those parts to make it obvious why they were replaced, etc. tune wise, im using 4a-ge swap data as we dont have honda engines availible, tuned at around 170hp NA, gear ratios are an actual EG ones, except the final drive. when it comes to suspension and aligment its mostly what i allways use actually, haha.

so yeah, having too much fun with this, i should probably drive something fr again before i forget it all lmfao

i also made 2 new videos, first one was recorded shortly after i got the tune right, with ae92 wich i considered building before i switched to civic

second one is with already dialled up civic, after a shitton of practice haha

and as per usual there are also some new parts, not too many as i dont mod that much recently as i sayd haha. so here we go:



rather obscure set of wheels from a rather obscure japanese manufacturer, little to no info exists on them. all i know is theyre from 80s and this type was asymetrical, meaning the dirrection of the spokes was mirrored on each side. this model is the left side one.

i made them from scratch for s-tuner years ago, but did some changes and edits for the carx port. most notably i used bevel modifier on them, mainly to try it out, ended up allright but i dont think im making this a regular thing with my mods lel. 3 variants avalilible.

the main reason why i even made them is i used to own a set of those irl.



nardi classic pack (obj)

given to how many custom cars we have at this point, i figured i could also convert my knpp nardis that i posted earlyer into obj too so they could be used in them, so here it is lel.




radiator with support

made from scratch. ideal for bumperless or NA cars with big kits to add some detail, while keeping the chassis painted black. support and radiator are separate objects, but same XYZ coords will work just fine.





that will be all for today, see you next time with fuck knows what and fuck knows when, haha

Sunday, March 24, 2024

new s14 build and more parts

hi, so i figured its about time i also make some modern day build with livery, big kit and wheels, and all that jazz. and also i was pretty bored of my white navan s14, so i figured i will make a new s14 haha. not gonna spend too much time describing it as you can see it yourself on the pics, all im gonna say is its still tuned to somewhere around 310hp, and the livery is actually loosely based on a livery i made in stuner about 9 years ago, but i could finally make all the decals and flames chrome, wich is what i envisioned from the get go. pics dont make it justice, it really pops ingame :D. ofc i had to make a bunch of new parts to make it exactly how i wanted, but more about that down below.

all in all, really happy with how this ended up :D.

so as mentioned i also made a bunch of new parts, mostly for this s14 build, so here they are:


ae86 coupe trd wing

ingame trd wing was abit off, so i took it and remodelled it to make it more accurate.

just load it in, no moving necessary



s14 zenki pack v3 (knpp)

v3 still have the same meshes etc, but it is partially knpp now. pretty much every paintable part other than trunk spoilers and grilles can have decals now. another change is the headlights now glow in halogen yellow instead of white.

this knpp and resource pack have to be used toghether, none of it was made around the original ingame zenki. (rear and side stuff may work but front wont line up)

the obj part of the pack can still be just loaded in and its there without any moving.

thanks to NOISY for some help and explaining how to even set this up lmao



dmax style floormats

dmax inspired floormats i made from scratch. comes with both front and rear ones, fits pretty much everywhere.



s14 zenki uras type 4 (knpp)

uras type 4 bodykit for s14 zenki. front bumper is from asseto, sideskirts and rear bumper are the original carx stuff, but i remodelled all of it quite a bit.

front bumpers comes in 2 variants, with amber and clear indicators.

this was made around my zenki pack from the relase above, front bumper wont fit the stock ingame zenki propertly.



s14 trunk (knpp)

just a stock s14 trunk, to be used with all the custom taillights we have.



s14 junyan tail lights

"euro" junyan taillights for s14 made from scratch. comes in chrome and black variants.

just load it in, no moving necessary.



so that will be all for now. i dont have anything in the works now, infact the progress might slow down abit now, as i got a new job lel. but i will come up with something sooner or later haha. see you till then ;).

Monday, March 11, 2024

nakayubi circuit

hi, i figured its about time to bring this absolute classic of a map from early gta sa days over to carx, so here it is, nakayubi circuit :D.

here goes some basic nakayubi lore for those who never heard of it: this map was originally a random kart track made for racer (remember that game? not suprised, noone does lmao) sometime in mid 00s. in 09 or 10, some japanese modder (sadly i dont remember who) converted it to san andreas, and reworked it into nakayubi circuit. unlike majority of custom maps of its time that were placed to los santos molo, this one was put over palomino creek beach, and it blended with the vanilla surroundings really well. it was a very popular map back in the day and its layout is super fun haha.

for the carx convert, i decided to keep it simple. make it feel as close as it did in gta but also blend it in as best as i could, so i ended up ripping palomino creek scenery, original trees and theyr placement included, and actually inmodelled the track in it. even the scenery is remodeled abit, i decided to get rid of the palomino creek itself, as the fact that first houses were like 10 meters from the track kinda bothered me even in gta lmao. i also remodelled the river slightly to preserve it, as in gta the track mostly hid it. the entire thing was then retextured using mostly original sa textures.

i think it ended up really good, looks and feels just like it did in gta, and its still super fun to drive at, even in carx :).


and as per usual at this point, i also shot a preview video. since this whole thing is a trip down the memory lane, enjoy some late 00s hardstyle, as thats what i used to use for bgm in all my videos back in the day haha

so here it is. thanks goes to SAYAKA for testing, and SWID for some assistance with ripping the original gta stuff etc.


so that will be all for today, see you next time ;).

Sunday, March 3, 2024

kaido racers and new parts

hi, im back with some kaido racer action yet again, lel. i was commisioned to make some a20 celica bits, wich worked pretty well for me as i was actually thinking about building one for a while now haha. so this is what i came up with, i think the pics speak for themself, i will just mention that all of the livery was made in actual ingame editor, not in photoshop, and its once again 3t-gte swapped, not only for the sounds, but it drives pretty nice too haha. very happy with the result :)

but thats not all, i also reworked my kaido laurel quite a bit, lel. i finally got my lazy ass to make a kaido racer parts pack (more about that below), so i replaced about every custom part it had with my own stuff. i also decided to make a new livery for it, a castrol themed this time. once again all of it was done in ingame livery editor, i even made the castrol logos myself as we didnt had this style of castrol logos in the sticker packs haha. really happy with how it turned out aswell :D.

man i certainly miss making stuff and liveries like this, used to do stuff like this damn near every day for years in s-tuner, wish carx had more good kaido bases to pick from. o well, maybe one day lel.

anyways, as mentioned theres a bunch of new parts, also some that are not related to those 2 builds, so here we go:


a20 celica badges

commisioned work. while theyre just png's with alphas (true gta style lol), the textures used are very good quality. both ra25 and ra28 variants available.

just load it in and its there, no moving necessary.



a20 celica improvements

partially a commisioned work. this pack fixes and improves about everything that needed fixing and improving. you can now build both proper ra25 and ra28 as i made the missing ra25 pieces, i also made new lights, fixed bumpers with proper licenceplate spaces. there are also some new custom/aftermarket parts, such as clear headlight protector, paintable grill and taillights, etc. not everything pictured. 28 parts available, just load it in and its there as per usual haha

note: if you want to get an oem like finish on the headlight bezzels as pictured, paint it FFFFFF satin



kaido racer parts pack

finally got myself to do this lmao. this pack contains all kinds of parts commonly found on kaido racers, such as works overfenders (both celica and rx3 ones), spoilers, mirrors, rear seat flag covers, tsurikawas (the actual ones from a train, not any of that broken heart bullshit), new dices, name it. 41 new parts.

besides the kenwood speakers i made earlyer, and the bucket seat, every custom part on the pictured c33 (before i repainted it lel) comes from this pack.



ae86 levin tbo parts v2

v2 of my tbo parts for levin. literally nothing changed with the bumper and bonnet, but i decided to also add the bonnet vents as a separate piece, so you can still slap stickers on your bonnet.

that being sayd, if you dont plan to use any decals on the bonnet, id reccomend using the full one, as mine adds one body line that is missing on the original bonnet.



bride zeta 3 pack

figured its about time to do some bride seats aswell, not only KNPP stuff works again but also so i dont have to run recaros in everything lmao.

6 variants, both KNPP and OBJ versions availible.

in case of the KNPP version, the driver kinda clips trough the sides of the seat. not much i can do about it, id have to stretch the seat to pretty unrealistic proportions, he just sits way too weird. but its not too obvious and majority of ppls have the driver permanently disabled, so i dont think its this much an issue, lel



so that will be all for today. i dont have anything in the works rn, but i suppose thats gonna change sooner or later lel. so see ya till then ;).