Sunday, May 26, 2013

nissan skyline c210 shakotan

NO im NOT dead!anyway hi,first i shall mention why i was unactive for nearly 2 past months...there are 3 reasons,first,i working,so i dont have that much free time as i used to,second is,i got a new car,another skoda lol,so i were doing stuff on it...and third reason is the car that i posting now,i got pretty much stucked on it,but now its done its a shakotan version of skyline c210,lets see what all i did on it:

-bodykit(overfenders,lip,spoiler wich is inbuild into the trunk,all modelled by me)
-reworked front grill/headlights(headlights are from mazda luce legato,but i had to model the parts that are hidden behind the grill,the grill itself is from bluebird 910 sedan,but i had to extend it allitle bit,the part behind the tails and grill is in metallic texture with working glitter effect,3d skyline badge on grill by SVANDER)
-reworked taillights(middle pair was remowed,outside pair is from cherry x1-r,indicator is used from x1-r tails by CLUBTH,the place around is in metallic texture with working glitter effect too)
-new wheels+offset(hoshino impul by NATSUKI,but i did a whole new lip for them)
-new paint(nothing radical this time,all red,not a gta color,with black overfenders and lip+ decal on bonnet,black mirrors)
-laurel c130 indicators on front fenders by me
-new plates
-adapted to ivlm
-adapted to steering.cs

and thats all about this one...i have here some cars i want to do,so i hope i wont stuck on some of them and i will post it here sooner than after another 2 well,cya for now ;D.