Sunday, May 27, 2012

once agin...

...and hopefully for the last time,a stock soarer z10...
...once agin a colaboration with FLASH :P...
...why?my first z10 sucked totaly,second one wasnt that bad,but still not perfect.... what was my job on it:
-texture whole car
-wheels(base is from forza,but reworked by me)
-incide of lights
-3d badges on trunk
-some other crap,noone reads this anyway lol

...this time i decided i will do the actual type of the car,i decided i will go with 2.0gt with 1g-geu engine and shit...

...i agin skipped few cars to show,so i still have something to show lol...cya until then ;D

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

hiroshima circuit

well...finally...xD,finally i got to relase the hiroshima circuit are,how you can see still from something about the map:

-the whole map is scratch made by me,i didnt used any part of any other map
-its kinda lowpoly,but its enough for me

-there is a jpg map where it is marked in the archive

-i didnt did samp version,if you want it,you will have to do it by yourself

-well...for sure it work with my hakone xD

-if you want to see more before the downloading,check the preview VIDEO i did.

some pictures:

 so here you go:

if you want,you can edit it,like textures,do no trees version etc,if you want post it on your blog,just give me credit,thats all i want....ok so thats all this time,i still have more things to show up,until then cya ;D

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

mazda cosmo ap

hi,i decided i will skip few mods just to show this xD,if you read FLASH blog,you already saw it...but we dedided we both will show it on our blogs :D.

flash writted it pretty shortly,so i will write started by that i gived the idea to flash,then i send him blueprint...he was modelling the model,i helped with some things(headlights,taillights and few other parts on body)...when the main model was done,flash send it to me,i did some more fixes on body,also i modeled the engine bay,some other parts in engine,inside parts of the lights,the lights on side and few other things...then i textured whole thing,added plates,mirrors and few things to interior,did handling and carcols and it was done :D

so thats how it is :P

btw,after loong time,there are pictures took in the san andreas,not lc xD...

well thats all for today,next time i will hopefully relase the hiroshima already,lol...well cya next time ;D.