Monday, May 14, 2018

ae86 levin...tuned.

oh hey, so after many months since i finished this one i finally got myself to post about the tuned version of the levin i mentioned in the previous 2 posts lmao...

as i mentioned in the stock levin v3 post, i originally wanted to just make a tuned version based on v2, infact i actually did, but once i realised how bad the v2 is, i deleted it, did the v3 and did pretty much exact same thing based on the v3 lel.

i wanted to make something simple again, a rather street car with 90s vibe to it. so whats different from stock version:


-aero parts, oem lip, oem sideskirts, ductail spoiler
-FET foglights
-oem grille with gold stripes
-some stickers here and there
-the car doesnt use carcol anymore, its allways white/black now
-tom's igeta wheels by me


-recaro sr3 from SURGE, but slightly edited, completely retextured, the pattern they have is one of actual sr3 patterns
-nardi steering wheel originally from original rfactor levin that i remodeled for my tuned onevia. this time it have a silver spokes tho
-pioneer ts-x7 speakers by me at the parcelshelf
-oem digital gauges
-some small stuff, ultranorsk at the mirror, cocacola can in a holder, cigarretes in the centre console


-tuned 4a-ge, its an original engine model from the rfactor levin, but reworked abit

and thats pretty much all, as i sayd, i wanted to make something simplyer again, and i think it ended up pretty well, im pretty happy about the result :D.

and so, thats all for now. i still have one more thing to post, something closely related to this levin, so see you (hopefully) soon :).