Saturday, December 24, 2011

merry chrismas :D

hi,and so merry chrismas :D,as chrismas present for you,i decided i relase pack of my old c210's,because i did new one from scratch,so i dont need these anymore,so you can have them :D

so what all is in the pack:



you say you didnt saw this car yet?thats right,i actualy never posted it on blog,i did it like half of year ago already,but like day after i finished it i did new c210 from scratch,better one,so i decided i do tuned version like that on new one (this is it),so i didnt even showed fast,what i did on it:

-headlights,grill,bumpers reworked to c211 version
-taillights reworked to c210 GL version
-remodeled rear fenders,to fit the wheels
-added lip,spoiler,and some other bullshit lol...

so,thats probally all,so enjoy them :D

so thats all about todays post,so enjoy the chrismas,more than me,i have to go to work cya;D.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

new video

not much to say,just new video...enjoy;D.

Friday, December 2, 2011

late night....update,new rim

hi,so why late night? i writting this post at 6:26am...well you could call it a morning,but since im awake since +- 16:00,for me its still night xDxD...well lets get to wheel,its my new scratch made wheel,a TRD one,actualy i dont know if it have some type name...if you want to see,HERE is one real pic of it...i think this one is my best rim so far,i even did my own texture,for wich i used zmodeler1 and photofiltre,if someone willbe interested i will do a tutorial how to :D.i already used it on some car,one of my best cars i think,but about that thats all for now,and i go get some sleep cya;D.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


...sort of xD btw hi,so there is my tuned version of my aw11 :D,so what i did on it:

-new trunk(inspired HERE,but i did it my kinda different way,i reworked "c pillar" to look more clean,also i reworked and added here original aw11 spoiler)
-new front bumper(by me,inspired HERE)
-new vent on side(i did second type of it,soon on some bosozoku car xD)
-new wheels(my renoma)
-new exhaust(by me)
-new steering wheel and driver seat in interior)
-lowered reflection setting

and thats probaly all,not much was done this time,but well....xD.i have more things to show up,so cya next time;D.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

...and remember this? in this post,i agin reworked some of my old car :D.this time its and toyota mr2 what all was changed:

-fixed body(fixed normals,welded etc)
-added details(modeled trims,remodelled bonnet,modelled black lines at doors,new went at side,the one i using on bosozoku cars etc)
-new taillights(the aw11 ones wich i did for my boso corona)
-new interior(one from REIMU aw11)
-remodeled trunk and engine
-reworked headlights(now they rly work like a popup)
-new wheels(original aw11 ones from original aw11 by S13,but i put on them new tire and retexture them)
-new plates
-spoiler is a extra now
-i even did realistic carcol

well thats probaly all :D.i have some more things to show up,but about that later....cya;D.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

5 years...

...when i writing this post,its 0:36 night,13.11.2011...what that means?exaclty 5 years ago i did my totaly first mod for any was a very crappy skin for stock uranus lol...i dont even have that mod anymore,so i made a photoshop pic.+- thats how looked my totaly first mod xD:

... what a crappy shit lol xD...i dont even remember why did i start doing that,i guess i just wanted to try it...and well,i somehow stay at it until now xD.but when i was starting,i wasnt doing japanese cars,i started with cars wich you can meet here at streets,so cars like skoda,lada etc lol...later i somehow start drift in gta,and by that i get to japanese cars and japanese culture at all...when i look on this crappy skin and then on things i doing now,i did quite a big progress xD...and since its that special day for me,i decided i will relase something,something that ppls wanted from me the most in the past years...can you guess what it is before you click on the download button?;D was long 5 years,i hope i will stay at this for some time yet,but who knows,thing have changed,when i was starting,i was still in elementary school,now i already working,have real car and other things,but i hope i will allways get time to do some mod,its quite relaxing :D...but now i sometimes dont do a shit in whole 2 weeks,i remember times when i was able do 3 cars just at one weekend lol xD...
....well,thats all i wanted to write,i decided i write this post at night because idk if i will have time for it at thats all for now,and i will see you at the next update,i have some more cars prepared to show ;D.

so cya until then ;D.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


hi,so after a while another update,agin a bosozoku xD.this time its my leopard f30 what i did on it:

-bodykit(over fenders,spoiler with lightable stars,diffuzor)
-aw11 wents on sides(it had original wents,i moved the original ones on bonnet :D)
-reworked rear(taillights was removed,instead of them is there lightable ssr logo modeled by me)
-edited mirrors(moved on doors and rotated abit
-interior(added dices and speakers,also i did small sirrene,i using one indicators cleo mod,and the position of indicator is setted by taillight and headlight dummy,so i moved taillight dummy in the sirrene,so it rly work xD)
-new exhaust(my comet one)
-new wheels(ssr formula mesh)
-paintjob(by me)
-edited plates(front one was removed,rear one is without any general change,but first numbers are covered by wakaba logo)

and thats probaly all :D...i have more cars to show up,next 3 ones arent a bosozoku,so stay calm cya next time ;D.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

just another bosozoku xD

 ...yes,this time its my skyline r31 zenki :D,so what all i did on it:

-added lip to front bumper(that lip is originaly from my soarer,but i edited it to r31)
-reworked taillights(place between them was cleaned,tails itself was replaced for universal ones)
-edited grill(original badge removed,added skyline c110 badge by SVANDER)
-added horns(they are behind the grill)
-edited plates(from one was deleted,rear one was moved etc)
-new wheels(ssr mk3 by MIMI)
-new paintjob(by me)

and so thats all about this car:D.i have some more cars to show up,2 another bosozoku,then one reworked stock and then one...sort of drift car,so stay tuned :D.