Wednesday, November 29, 2023

nikko circuit

hi, so here goes another new map for carx, nikko circuit this time :D. someone might be like "wait, didnt you do nikko before?" rn and yes, this is actually 4th nikko i have done over the past 13 years lmao

this time i essentially combined 2 maps into one. road layout, some of its surrounding areas and some other details are from frlegends nikko, and pretty much everything else comes from my third version of the old nikko for rfactor by MIAMIAK, that i already reworked quite heavily back then. ofcourse combining 2 tracks into 1 meant that i had to remodel and retexture it even more, lel. i also remodelled the entire hill next to the straight and put a shitton of trees there to make it more accurate, made a fake hill next to the track so it doesnt look so empty there and some other details like updated signs, buildings placement etc. i gotta say some of details like this might not be 100% accurate as they seem to change stuff like this pretty often even irl and personally i find the road layout more important, but hey, its still better and more up to date than the original rfactor one is haha.

anyways, i think it ended up really good and im very happy with the result :).

and just like with hiroshima from the last post, i also made a preview video for nikko :D.

so here it is :).


that will be all for today, so i will see you next time with who knows what, lmao.

Friday, November 24, 2023

speedway hiroshima circuit

...well, it didnt took long and im now messing with custom maps for carx aswell lmao. anyways hi, so here goes my first custom map :D. well technically its a second one, but more about the first one in another post. this one is a speedway hiroshima, despite it was around only for 4 years irl, its still one of my most favorite japanese circuits :D. if you follow me for longer time, you might remember that i have done hiroshima for gta twice already, first one i made from scratch 11 years ago, and second one that was a 90sGDSP one from asseto that i have converted few years back. this time around im once again using a completely different mesh, its originally from FR Legends. for how low poly it is, its actually pretty nice and accurate, just the textures and some details are lacking, so i ended up retexturing allmost the whole thing :D. besides retexturing i also did some slight remodelling, mainly on the trees and paddock buildings to add some details and such. ofcourse i also made allmost every texture to have an normal map, so the map doesnt look like made out of plastic ingame, lel.

all in all i think it ended up pretty good, still simple and low poly, but good looking :D.

and since pictures usally dont do maps justice, i also made a preview video, wich is something i havent done in years now lol.

thats probably all there is to it, so here it is :D


 so this is all for this time, i actually have 2 maps in the works, but more about that later. so until then, see ya ;D.

Saturday, November 18, 2023


hi, so here goes another build in carx :D. an navan s14 zenki this time. i cant even remember when was the last time i did anything with any s14, but its been years for sure lol. this time around essentially everything on this car is my own custom parts because carx zenki quite sucks, so i just went and spent week fixing it, lol, but i will go into more detail about this futher down this post. other than thats its relatively low hp build, somewhere around 300hp. very happy with this one :D.

not gonna bore you with my stupid blabbering anymore, i think the pics speak for themself haha. as per usual there are some relases to go trough, so here we go:


s14 zenki pack

zenki in this game is fucking terrible, so i set on a week long journey to fix this pile of shit. it contains 17 parts such as oem bumpers, grille, some oem acessoryes such as fog lights and a lip for stock bumper, and also a full navan bodykit. majority of it was made from scratch by me, using some parts from 41aeimi as a base. as per usual just load it in, no moving necessary.

theres a few things to know:

-sadly you cant just copy the body color and its there, you will have to play with it and make it abit darker. thats a bug that seems to happen to quite a bit of custom parts and i cant do nothing about it.

-to use any of the sideskirts included in this pack, first select any aftermarket sideskirts in the body catalog, and then disable them in kino

-keep the kouki headlights in place, do not disable them. this overlays them fully, so the headlights will still work




recaro sr3 pack

now that removing body parts with kino is a thing, i figured its about time i bring these old recaros ive been using in gta for years over to the carx too. no idea who made them originally, but i have reworked them quite a bit over the years.

i also made some new patterns etc, everything is based on the real sr3's.

thanks to a few members of hipshake discord server for some of the textures i used





toyota carina badges

set of badges for the carina, i decided to go with the gt-tr trim as the ingame one is closest to it. all made from scratch by me

just load it in, no moving necessary





and also similary to the last post, there is also a new video i made few days ago. damn im on fire with new videos this year lmfao. 

so that will be all for today. i actually have one more build in the progress, i actually took a break from that for the s14 sake. wink wink it haz something to do with the car thats vissible in the avs vs6 pics ;). but more about that once its actually done, lel. so till then see ya ;D.

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

another ae86 build

...and also another yellow one, sitting on white wheels, what can i say, i like this look, haha. anyways hi, i have finished another build in carx, another ae86, a coupe this time. cant even remember when i done a coupe for the last time again, lol. this one is a more modern approach than the hatch i done earlyer, its not even the lowest hp possible this time around, lel. the look of this is pretty simple, goodline front bumper, trd style rear wing and white te37's, cant go wrong with that :D. i made the goodline bumper and te37s myself, but ofcourse there is some more custom parts on this one, haha. i originally wanted to make some kind of livery for this one, but the uv map of this model is kinda fucked, so i just did some stickers on the windows, wich looks good too.

so yeah, not gonna bore you with anymore blabbering, im pretty happy with how this one turned out :D. as per usual im gonna relase some the parts i made to make this possible, but this time around there are also some relases unrelated to this build. so here we go:


ae86 coupe improvements

really had no idea what to name this lol

contains stock mirrors from hatchback version, rear licenceplate lights, trunk trim that goes in between rear tails and paintable sidetrims in more realistic size (the ones i made for hatch dont fit the coupe too well)

mirrors, sidetrims and platelights are paintable

just load it in, no moving or scalling is necessary



ae86 levin goodline front bumper

made from scratch by me, using a few pieces of the stock ingame bumpers as a base

fits over the bashbars on both the coupe and hatchback

for coupe, just load it in and its there, no moving necessary. for hatchback, just move it up allitle (Y:1.380)




180sx bwave spoiler

i was asked by hipshake discord members if i could fit this abit better. not only i fitted it better, but also remodeled it completely so its pretty accurate now. source of the model is unknown.

just load it in and its there, no moving and scalling necessary




and one last thing, i also made a new video once again, this time with the miata from the last post. so check it out if you want :D.

thats all there is for now. i dont have any new build going on at the moment, but that will change eventually haha. untill then, see ya ;).