Thursday, April 9, 2015

toyota celica ra25,new graphics and another retirement from gta

hello:D after a while,new post!...but most probably,a last one from gta motivation of doing anything for sa is gone...again,lol...maybe it will come back,till now allways it did,but who knows when...and if,given to i have a different thing that im able to mod now...but about that at the end of this now lets get to this car :D.i actually did it yet in january,but i just somehow didnt feeled like taking pics,posting it,etc,+ i had the other things to do as i mentioned its a celica ra25,converted out of some mobile game,wich name i forgot, what i did on it:

-fixes around body(not too many,but some welding etc had to happen
-new underbody
-some textures fixed,correct reflections and specular
-interior(originally by FLASH for his celica ta22,but reworked by me)
-engine(2d like usally,by me)
-new tires(ones i use all the time on stock rims)
 -added licence plates
-1 extra(rear window loovres)
-proper carcol,handling and vehicles.ide lines
-adapted to ivf
-adapted to steering.cs

and probably something else,i actually dont really remember,since i did it like 4 months ago,lel...there is some more talk under pics...

as you probably noticed from pics above,i have changed my graphics these 4 months ago again,new timecyc by idk who,new colormod setting by me,new skybox textures...this time,in case of day skybox,only clouds itself are the skybox,blue part is actually the timecyc,and in case of night,only stars itself is the skybox,black part is timecyc is some pics of how the time goes:





i could probably do better pics,but as i mentioned before,motivation over gta sa is pretty much gone these are last gta pics you gonna see from me...atleast for now...but there is a big chance these might be the end of my gta modding,i dont know...after all,after nearly 9 years...but!as i sayd before,that doesnt mean i quit completely!i mentioned i pretty much enjoy S-TUNER,the comunity on official forum is great,and i enjoy it.this doesnt mean i gonna upload pics of every my build here,for that i use showroom on the forums and my flickr,but i actually learned to do custom cars and parts for it too!:D i already did some,so i will post my custom works for stuner on my blog.and what is good,i relasing some of them!:D...well,that would be all for this time,so next time with first s-tuner post,so see you till then;D.