Sunday, May 12, 2024

new build, ff drifting and some parts

hi, its been a while lel. but ive been kinda busy with other things, mainly with a new irl project car haha. but i do still play carx from time to time. especially lately, with this new build haha.

so, its a eg civic, build for ff drifting. i have been messing with ff drifting for ages, all the way back in lfs in 2008 or 09, in gta, and ofc in carx too, but i never really fully managed to get the hang of it, or tune the car propertly...but now that theres abit more ff cars other than that god awful eclipse, i figured i will mess with it again and finally came up with something good :D.

this time around i figured i will try to make a typical beater car for the first time, with scratches, rust, mismatched body panels and shitton of stickers especially on the windows. i think i was pretty sucefull with that, for example front right fender is similar color to simulate a poorly repainted replacement, and the lip is just frp off white, i also added some damage around those parts to make it obvious why they were replaced, etc. tune wise, im using 4a-ge swap data as we dont have honda engines availible, tuned at around 170hp NA, gear ratios are an actual EG ones, except the final drive. when it comes to suspension and aligment its mostly what i allways use actually, haha.

so yeah, having too much fun with this, i should probably drive something fr again before i forget it all lmfao

i also made 2 new videos, first one was recorded shortly after i got the tune right, with ae92 wich i considered building before i switched to civic

second one is with already dialled up civic, after a shitton of practice haha

and as per usual there are also some new parts, not too many as i dont mod that much recently as i sayd haha. so here we go:



rather obscure set of wheels from a rather obscure japanese manufacturer, little to no info exists on them. all i know is theyre from 80s and this type was asymetrical, meaning the dirrection of the spokes was mirrored on each side. this model is the left side one.

i made them from scratch for s-tuner years ago, but did some changes and edits for the carx port. most notably i used bevel modifier on them, mainly to try it out, ended up allright but i dont think im making this a regular thing with my mods lel. 3 variants avalilible.

the main reason why i even made them is i used to own a set of those irl.



nardi classic pack (obj)

given to how many custom cars we have at this point, i figured i could also convert my knpp nardis that i posted earlyer into obj too so they could be used in them, so here it is lel.




radiator with support

made from scratch. ideal for bumperless or NA cars with big kits to add some detail, while keeping the chassis painted black. support and radiator are separate objects, but same XYZ coords will work just fine.





that will be all for today, see you next time with fuck knows what and fuck knows when, haha