Monday, July 19, 2021

GTA V...

hi, its been a while again lel. this time i dont have any new mods to show, this is more or less just an general update.

lately ive been playing gta V quite a bit, for the first time since relase, but on pc this time around. finished the story and such, and now im screwing around, it didnt really took long and i started modding the game allitle bit lel. obviously i do so with the single player, as im not even that interested in gta:o. its nothing crazy so far, made me a drift handling, well not completely, its based on a handling i found on the internet, tweaked to my likings, and such haha.

so far im having a great fun with it, i even thought about trying to make some mods for it myself, but im not too sure about that as it seems like it works quite abit differently than what im used to, so well see about that yet haha.


and here goes probably the main reason why im even making this post in the first place. i kind of realised that i havent uploaded anything to youtube in 3 years, and i had some of my drifting in V recorded, so i figured might aswell pick a better run and upload it, haha. its not perfect by any means, im still getting the hang of it and tweaking the handling as i go, but i think it will do. what i find kinda funny is that even tho V is much more demanding game, when i turn the fraps on i dont seem to loose any fps, unlike with my pretty much fully modded san andreas lol...oh well haha.


so yeah, i guess this is it for this time, and see you next time ;).