Friday, August 18, 2017

finally...a proper hakone nanamagari.

hi :D so recently i sometimes play gta again, so i think it was obvious i going to do some modding again lmao...this time its an another map...a hakone nanamagari :D you might remember my old nanamagari, it was my first addon map back in 2010, but it wasnt that good...not so long ago i was considering reworking it, but i figured out i wouldnt be able to make it as good as it could be, so i never did...just few weeks later, this one dropped for asseto corsa lol...i allways liked this touge (these 90s videos from there are fucking legendary) and i wanted a proper one for gta for quite a while, so this had to be done :D

in general, i tryed to keep the map exactly as it was, but ofc i had to make some changes, fixes etc...

so what i did on it:

 -converted to gta

-reworked the surroundings so its an actual island, not just a floating road etc

-some fixes, mostly welding, texture fixing and such

-polygon reduction, the map is very high poly, so i reduced the polygons at some areas.for example road itself, before welding it had nearly 40k polygons, after welding it have 6k yet its still nicely smooth, and so on :D

-proper sa style prelight, bright at day, dark at night etc :D -lod model, so its vissible from long distance

-sa style 2dfx lights, the map comes with a street lamps, i didnt wanted to delete them and replace them with generic sa lamps, so for the first time ever, i added a 2dfx lights effect into them :D i also added them into lod model, so it works with project2dfx mod aswell :D this also means when you will move the map elsewhere, the lights will still work propertly :D

-it uses 4 dff's, as i sayd the map is quite high poly, so i did an separate dffs for the main map, guard rails and other fences, other props and a vegetation :D all of the dff's use the same coordinates tho, so if you will want to move the the map elsewhere, just place the first, main dff, and use same cords for the rest, it will place exactly how it shoud :D

...i tryed to make it the best i could, and i think this is the best map i worked with so far, very happy with how this turned out :D

now lets have few pics:

like usaly with new map,i made a showcase video :D

before we get to the download, there is few more things: 

known issues: 

-since its a map originally from asseto corsa, where you cant really walk around, i reccomend you, dont go into the trees areas etc, there are some holes etc and you might fall under the road lmao, didnt felt like its necessary to fix that.
-at night, when you drive past the walls, at few areas it doesnt reflect the lights on the walls, mostly it do but i didnt found solution for that... atleast its on areas where you will barely notice it lol


 same as my original hakone, at a los santos pier. if your not sure where that is, like usally i put a map into the archive :D

thanks to:
-SKYFLIGHTMUSIC, who is the original autor of the map for asseto corsta, he did an awesome job :D
-DIXICZ, who did some testing for me

and a last thing:

in case of any edits, converts etc, dont forget to give credits!

so here you go :D

besides this, i also made a small update on the blog,i cleaned the blog roll section from the blogs that were deleted or inactive for many years...i kept only the active ones, or the ones where id like to see some activity again lmao...from over 60 blogs to not even 25...its kinda sad, how did this comunity died over the years...but i guess nothing can be done about it...i also resized the blog abit.i was setting it up back when i still had a 4:3 monitor, so now it felt way too narrow so i resized the general width.also pictures were way too small, so from now on i will use an different setting when making a post :D but i did go trough all the old posts and set the same size for the rest of the pics too, so its same on entire blog :) took a while tho lmao

aaaand thats about all :D i actually have one more thing to post, if you follow my INSTAGRAM you already know what im talking about, but about that some other time, so see you then ;).