Tuesday, November 29, 2011


...sort of xD btw hi,so there is my tuned version of my aw11 :D,so what i did on it:

-new trunk(inspired HERE,but i did it my kinda different way,i reworked "c pillar" to look more clean,also i reworked and added here original aw11 spoiler)
-new front bumper(by me,inspired HERE)
-new vent on side(i did second type of it,soon on some bosozoku car xD)
-new wheels(my renoma)
-new exhaust(by me)
-new steering wheel and driver seat in interior)
-lowered reflection setting

and thats probaly all,not much was done this time,but well....xD.i have more things to show up,so cya next time;D.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

...and remember this?

...like in this post,i agin reworked some of my old car :D.this time its and toyota mr2 aw11:D.so what all was changed:

-fixed body(fixed normals,welded etc)
-added details(modeled trims,remodelled bonnet,modelled black lines at doors,new went at side,the one i using on bosozoku cars etc)
-new taillights(the aw11 ones wich i did for my boso corona)
-new interior(one from REIMU aw11)
-remodeled trunk and engine
-reworked headlights(now they rly work like a popup)
-new wheels(original aw11 ones from original aw11 by S13,but i put on them new tire and retexture them)
-new plates
-spoiler is a extra now
-i even did realistic carcol

well thats probaly all :D.i have some more things to show up,but about that later....cya;D.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

5 years...

...when i writing this post,its 0:36 night,13.11.2011...what that means?exaclty 5 years ago i did my totaly first mod for any game:D.it was a very crappy skin for stock uranus lol...i dont even have that mod anymore,so i made a photoshop pic.+- thats how looked my totaly first mod xD:

... what a crappy shit lol xD...i dont even remember why did i start doing that,i guess i just wanted to try it...and well,i somehow stay at it until now xD.but when i was starting,i wasnt doing japanese cars,i started with cars wich you can meet here at streets,so cars like skoda,lada etc lol...later i somehow start drift in gta,and by that i get to japanese cars and japanese culture at all...when i look on this crappy skin and then on things i doing now,i did quite a big progress xD...and since its that special day for me,i decided i will relase something,something that ppls wanted from me the most in the past years...can you guess what it is before you click on the download button?;D

...it was long 5 years,i hope i will stay at this for some time yet,but who knows,thing have changed,when i was starting,i was still in elementary school,now i already working,have real car and other things,but i hope i will allways get time to do some mod,its quite relaxing :D...but now i sometimes dont do a shit in whole 2 weeks,i remember times when i was able do 3 cars just at one weekend lol xD...
....well,thats all i wanted to write,i decided i write this post at night because idk if i will have time for it at day...so thats all for now,and i will see you at the next update,i have some more cars prepared to show ;D.

so cya until then ;D.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


hi,so after a while another update,agin a bosozoku xD.this time its my leopard f30 :D.so what i did on it:

-bodykit(over fenders,spoiler with lightable stars,diffuzor)
-aw11 wents on sides(it had original wents,i moved the original ones on bonnet :D)
-reworked rear(taillights was removed,instead of them is there lightable ssr logo modeled by me)
-edited mirrors(moved on doors and rotated abit
-interior(added dices and speakers,also i did small sirrene,i using one indicators cleo mod,and the position of indicator is setted by taillight and headlight dummy,so i moved taillight dummy in the sirrene,so it rly work xD)
-new exhaust(my comet one)
-new wheels(ssr formula mesh)
-paintjob(by me)
-edited plates(front one was removed,rear one is without any general change,but first numbers are covered by wakaba logo)

and thats probaly all :D...i have more cars to show up,next 3 ones arent a bosozoku,so stay calm xD...so cya next time ;D.