Sunday, May 26, 2013

nissan skyline c210 shakotan

NO im NOT dead!anyway hi,first i shall mention why i was unactive for nearly 2 past months...there are 3 reasons,first,i working,so i dont have that much free time as i used to,second is,i got a new car,another skoda lol,so i were doing stuff on it...and third reason is the car that i posting now,i got pretty much stucked on it,but now its done its a shakotan version of skyline c210,lets see what all i did on it:

-bodykit(overfenders,lip,spoiler wich is inbuild into the trunk,all modelled by me)
-reworked front grill/headlights(headlights are from mazda luce legato,but i had to model the parts that are hidden behind the grill,the grill itself is from bluebird 910 sedan,but i had to extend it allitle bit,the part behind the tails and grill is in metallic texture with working glitter effect,3d skyline badge on grill by SVANDER)
-reworked taillights(middle pair was remowed,outside pair is from cherry x1-r,indicator is used from x1-r tails by CLUBTH,the place around is in metallic texture with working glitter effect too)
-new wheels+offset(hoshino impul by NATSUKI,but i did a whole new lip for them)
-new paint(nothing radical this time,all red,not a gta color,with black overfenders and lip+ decal on bonnet,black mirrors)
-laurel c130 indicators on front fenders by me
-new plates
-adapted to ivlm
-adapted to steering.cs

and thats all about this one...i have here some cars i want to do,so i hope i wont stuck on some of them and i will post it here sooner than after another 2 well,cya for now ;D.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

nissan skyline r30 rs-turbo

hey,so there is my another car,after a while another colab with FLASH,this time its a skyline r30 rs-turbo :D. reson of why we decided to do this one because the other availible ones are quite far from real like usally FLASH did main model,and i did everything my part this time was:

-converted to sa
-some fixes on body(remodeled roof, remodeled side trims,remodeled space for rear licence plate)
-remodeled headlights(part of them was took from ENDO's r30)
-few more details from  ENDO's r30 (mirrors,but edited,gt badges on front fenders,but retextured,engine)
-remodeled taillights
-finished interior(some details were missing,like gearknob,etc)
-new tires
-added plates
-added my exhaust
-added indicator on front fenders by me)
- added badges
-modeled antenna on the roof
-paintable(2 colors,bottom is for the black/red-silver color,also i used the color i used at bottom as a texture of bumpers,trims,etc,so it fit 100%)
-rs turbo decals on side(set as 3rd color,because not all r30s had it)
-steering wheel adapted to the steering.cs
-lights adapted to ivlm

and thats probably all about the car :D.also you might notice my sky is abit different,you maybe saw the skybox mod on gta inside,well it didnt rly worked well,so i did my own based on it,in day (6:00-22:00)it have the sunset texture,at night (22:00-6:00) it uses the star sky texture...also i changed the weather,now whole sa uses the san fierro's sunny weather only :D....well thats probably all this time,i have there more mods to work on,so seeya with next update ;D.

Friday, February 22, 2013

skyline japan

hi,so there is my next car,this time its a skyline c210,wich is also known as japan :D.that model is actually a convert from IV,and it been in work since 2006 by its autor,HERC.he did an awesome job,its the most perfect c210 you can find,all txtures are rendered etc...simply its the best model of c210 around im glad HERC send me it and allowed me to convert it for sa,for wich i thanks to him :).and now about the convert,basically i just converted it to sa,but there were some things i did on it...

-converted to SA
-welded(there was alot of unwelded places,so i just weld it all etc :D)
-fixed uv map(by welding it,i screw up texturing allitlebit,for example front right bumper was mapped in left bumper,etc etc,so i fixed it...welding and this fixing took me the longest time on this project)
-interior was reworked back to rhd
-edited wheels(when HERC send me them,he sayd the render texture is not done yet,so i did my own,doing them for wheels is actually only i can do for now lol,also i used different tire than it had,one i using on all stock wheels)
-new plates(japanese ones,wich i using all the time,but this time i did that the rear one is lighted in the night,via vehiclelights)
-adapted to ivlm

and thats probably all about this one...i was told i can tune it etc how i want,so i will do some boso/shakotan soon :D...and thats all for today,so cya next time ;D.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

toyota corona-80s much

...and even more with my modifications...?...anyway hi,sorry for quite a while without any update,but lately im at work or play gran turismo lel,but there is allways some time for modding,it can be quite relaxing :D.and here is the first car of year 2013...wel actually i started it yet in 2012,but it was finished in 2013 and thats whats count xD.its a toyota corona rt140,in quite an 80s bosozoku style.just like the what i did:

-bodykit(lip,sideskirts,small spoiler,fender fins,all modeled by me)
-some next addons to the body:small fender flares,antenne on rear fender,a cover in middle of taillights,all modeled by me)
-reworked rear bumper( i put in it an markII plate hole,and put a plate into it,since i reworked its original place on the trunk...)
-some badges(JAF on the grill,older corona badges on the trunk and at the back,jaf one modeled by me,corona ones took from corona by CLUBTH)
-new mirrors(took from datsun 510 from forza)
-new exhaust(from the trd n1 trueno,but doubled,on the side too)
-interior changes(audio from pioneer,grill behind the rear window,steering wheel from the trd n1 trueno,cocacola in a holder,a dashboard cover,a lighting oldschool love thingy behind the front window,expect the cocacola holder and a steering wheel all by me)
-paintjob(my usual red texture,with stripes and some decals)
-new wheels(work artisan spirit by ENDO)
-adapted to ivlm

and thats probably all....i somehow took everything ingame while changed,i might do the post from a build too,well see...i have some more stuff to work on there,so see you next time ;D.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

gran turismo

hay guyz,so how was your new year?well for sure better than mine...i was at home for whole day in bed,watching tv,with fever and shit lol anyway,for chrismas i happened to got a playstation 3 with gran turismo 5academy edition,wich i wanted for quite a long while,its pretty cool,even thought there is few thing they changed from the gt4 and i think they should rather just keep them how they were,for example a wheel selection.i wont publish my psn name lol,its just enough that some unknown ppls still getting my msn somewhere,i dont need same thing happen there to....

so well,i dont rly know when i will touch gta again,since i also managed to learn drift in gt5,wich i never managed to do in gt4 lol...but that doesnt mean i quit with gta ;).

so thats all for now,sometimes i will post something other about gt5 too.for now enjoy some pics from one hardcore sil80 drift action with KEISUKE at tsukuba xD,mine is the yellow one :).so cya next time ;D.