Monday, December 29, 2014

sakura valley

hi,so here goes another thing,again a map,but this time,a brand new convert :D.originally done by GTAPEX for racer...i wanted to get this map in gta for like 4 years already,but now i have figured out how to do it correctly,i even manage to get these shadows working,without them,it would be probably pretty plain,haha...well anyway,i wanted to keep it as much without changes as i could,but i have done few things:

-modeled enterance on the parking,and edited the enterance from parking to track,it wasnt accesable from some reason
-modeled the "sides" of the island,so its not just a floating track,but like another island
-changed road and grass textures,originally the leaves were like separate models placed randomly around the track,so i rather put them directly into the textures
- i also did an optional txd's for it,it contains spring,summer,and winter textures,i decided i will keep as main one the autunm one,since it originally come as a autunm

known issues:

 -some object,especially around the garage,are way bigger than they should be,but i checked,and its like that
in racer,too,also if i would scale it to get them right,the track would be too small for a car,and i didnt rly wanted to do any big changes to the map
-colision bug at back enterance to the showroom,i didnt find a solution for it...but you can still enter it by a car without any problem


-see the "location.jpg" wich is in the archive

now lets have few pics....

i also did a new video again,more or less a presentation of this track:

here you can see the previews of the optional textures,few better pics of them is in the archive ;)

so here you go ;)

if you want,you can edit it,like textures,do no trees version etc,if you want post it on your blog,just give me credit,thats all i want....ok so thats all this time,so cya;D.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

new video o:

hey,a quick update,yesterday my internet didnt worked for whole night,so i was pretty after super long time,i did a new video :D

well that would be all for now,cya next time;)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

merry chrismas!

i wish you merry chrismas,happy new year,have a good times ;).so i decided today is great oportunity to finally relase v2 of meihan,here is what have changed:

-modeled outside,so its like island now
-new textures
-fixed trees

 and thats it,i think its way better than it was:D.other than that,its still same,same possition,etc...

 not many pics again,but i think these were enough...

so here you go:

if you want,you can edit it,like textures,do no trees version etc,if you want post it on your blog,just give me credit,thats all i want....ok so thats all this time,so cya;D.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

intermission:škoda 100

hi,as title says,here comes the intermission.what do i mean by that?well its like...+-6 years since i did something thats not a japanese car,map,mod,whatever...till now tittle sayd too,its a skoda 100,for these who dont know,skoda is a car manufacturer here in cz,i got many of them already,and even one i got for a while too now,skoda 100 have come in 1969,and basically its a facelift of 1000MB model...i had this model,wich is in pretty great quallity,in my project folder for like 4 years already,but i was concistering if i shall even convert it,since whole my game is quite japanese stilized,all cars are japanese,etc...but DYXiCZ have send me his converted version,for wich he did engine etc,also it needed less work than the usual model,so i decided i will do it after all based on his what i did on it:

-rescaled(it was too big)
-cut in half and mirrored,welded,etc,to get same wireframe on each side
-remodeled engine bay allitlebit
-remodeled underbody
-remodeled taillights
-nearly complete car is retextured(except some interior bits,and nearly whole engine,expect exhaust)
-fixed interior(interior needed probably the most work on it,since the doorboards,and whole interior sides were like / \,wich isnt rly right,so i rotated them and reworked them to get then flat as theyre spposed to be,also i reworked seats,abit remodeled the interior base)
-edited mirrors(originally the model had one on fender at driver side,yet i never saw this elsewhere than on prospect,so i abit resized them and such and put them on doors
-new rims(model originally come with one alus from prospect,wich are super rare to find,or stock steelies with hubcaps,dyxi have converted the alus,i decided i will use the steelies,so i did,i used the tire i use on all stock rims)
-new plates(czech export ones,car gets them when its gonna be permanently moved out of cz...i used them for purpose,as i sayd whole my game is abit japanese stylized,so i want to atleast allitle got a feel of it being an individual import,lel,i also set it like it dont drive around the city...)
-new handling,vehicles.ide
-new carcols(i followed as much as i could one actual pallete,unsure from wich year,it changed few times)
-adapted to ivlm
-adapted to steering.cs
(in case of ivlm and steering.cs,it was adapted to it when i got it,but since i retextured and remodeled taillights for and rescaled it,i had to do it again)

...well that would be it,i dont think i mentioned,but skoda 100 was actually my first car from scratch,yet for mafia...but this one is just way better and more correct :),i might do some kind of 70s and 80s style cz rallye,or uphill race tuning,well see....i think this was for a long time last mod that is not japanese,haha...well thats all for now,cya next time;).

Friday, December 5, 2014

グレッド CAR WORKS garage

hi,so there goes another thing,not a car this time,but my new garage...some might remember THIS old garage i did few years ago yet for sa:lc,but it was rather plain,empty,rather more like a storage with few car bits,lol...and since MARKO gave me nfs world garage model,i decided i shall do a new one :D so it happened,as a base,i took old abandoned truck terminal located in blueberry village,cause it was pretty ideal base+i use savehouse that is in this village:Di completely remodeled it,made ceilling higher etc,scalled and moved the sign to make my own from it,completely retextured it using nfsw and few original textures,ofc interior is full of nfsw garage parts,i used more or less all,i also tryed to follow original placement of them,but since this house is abit smaller,few decent changes had to happen...but not many....also i modeled a small roof in the corner of parking,under with is some car parts,and even whole celica,i used objects from my old garage,some nfsw objects,and celica itself is from ebisu touge map by you can see on pics,i didnt used whole ground of truck terminal,since i think it was just too big for me,so the rest of the ground is more or less without changes...ofc i also did a new colision,and prelight,probably best prelights i did sofar :D.also i managed to do it as a replacement,just installing dff,txd,and col and its here,no map editor edits now :D.also as you can see there are some parked cars at the parking,actually i managed to do a cleo car spawn by myself,it actually contains 5 cars,boso markII under the roof,wich is here all the time,and right next to the sign 4 cars,from left to right,tuned levin,tuned porsche,skyline c110 gtr,and tuned s13,on pics you can see just levin and s13,because these 4 actually somehow change itself,sometimes just porshe and levin is here,and so on,i didnt set it up like that,but i dont mind it,too xD,that levin vissible in inside was parked there just for the picture...well that would be it,for sure i will be taking some pics of cars here and such,haha....well thats all for now,so cya;).

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

remember this?

hey,another car from me :D.remember THIS levin i did back in 2010? stock version done by me of THAT trd one...but i lacked so many things in it,crappy interior etc,lol...since i using this model more or less all the time for the tuning ones,on each tuning one,i fixed something...i actually wanted to do a new tuned one,but i just sayd to myself... "hey,lets firt do a fixed stock,so i dont have to fix it all the time when doing new one" i did :D.some tings i just moved from the tuned ones,some i did new...actually i based it on THIS tuned levin,cause it have the most fixes so far,and just continued what all happened:

-fixed body(cuted in half,fixed,mirrored,welded,there was alot to weld,actually...also i modeled 3d door lines,and some other fixes,also all fenders got remodeled,before they were just too boxy...also reworked underbody,remodeled doors around windows abit,etc...this took me the longest time)
-retextured(more or less only what i left was lights,wich i edited too,all the render alike textures are gone now,they were just screwing up the model,i mean i liked it,but to make it look good,there had to be lots of places left unwelded,and i dont like that,lol...also i made textures of the engine darker,i know its not rly stock engine,its still the one from trd one,but still better than my usual photo ones,haha)
-all new interior(originally by GTAPEX,i took it edited from base tuned levin,but i had to do some remodelings,especially around doors,cause i did the door lines...)
-new bumpers(originally from base tuned levin again,they are stock zenki ones,rear got mudflaps modeled by me)
-new grill(rotating one,from base tuned levin,fully working,its se as misc_a,so it opens when lights light,i know its not supposed to work like this,but hey,atleast it works,lel)
-new exhaust(modeled by me)
-new wheels (stock one from corona rt140 done by FLASH,with my sort of rendered texture,somewhere i saw zenki levins had same)
-new handling,vehicles.ide and carcols(like usally i tryed to follow real colors,this time i picked just white,silver and red,but it contains a panda and non panda variant :D)
-adapted to ivlm
-adapted to steering.cs

...and i think thats all....thats how i should do it back then! now i finally dont have to work more on fixing than actual tuning anymore,haha....i know back then i did a trueno too,but actually i dont rly planning to fix it,too....i like levins more anyway,lol....well that would be it,hopefully next update will finally be a meihan v2,lol...well cya for now;).

Saturday, November 22, 2014

subaru alcyone xt

hi guys,so there is another car from me :D 3th one...thats already more than when i made a comeback last time,hahaha...anyway,as tittle says,its a subaru alcyone xt,originally done by FLASH and YOHSUKE...actually,originally this was supposed to be another collab wih flash and me...2years ago,when we was thinking what we will do next,silvia s110 or this subaru was on mind...i picked the s110 first....but you know how it ended up with s110,as i write in its post...and i completely forgot about xt....few days ago,flash send me picture of xt in game and sayd something like "remember this car?",ofc i didnt so he told me how it was...i feel abit bad that i completely forgot about it,lol...but anyway,guys did a good job,flash did a body,yohsuke got interior and did finishing jobs,but it needed some more work,so i got it from them,and spend 3 days on it, what all i did on it:

-rescalled(i think it was too big)
-fixed body(lots of welding,cutting,and few remodellings too,it would be quite a long list,haha...this took me biggest part of first day of work on it)
-retextured(since it was using lots of zmodeler materials wich i dont like,i just retextured the whole thing,just 2 interior textures are still the same,hahaha)
-fixed interior(this took me the longest time,basically whole second day of working on it,for first look,it looked like it will be ok,but it wasnt...basically i remodeled whole base of interior to  make it fit right into this model,lots of welding and fixing again,also i retextured complete interior,except these buttons around swheel and stuff around gearknob,that are these 2 textures i left,haha,also interior got new mirror now)
-remodeled rear bumper(it was europen one,so i did japanese one,also i did these reverse lights,wich were missing)
-4x extra(lately i like to put them on cars,haha,this one got:one is just lip,second is just spoiler,third is only my pioneer ts-x7 at rear,fourth is all of these things toghether,also spoiler got an working 3rd brake light modeled by me) 
-remodeled vent on bonnet
-remodeled taillights(to make it ready for adapting to ivlm)
-partially remodeled headlights
-front fender indicators by me
-alcyone badge at trunk modelled by me
-new wheels(stock steelies i using pretty often with same tire,but it got original hubcaps modeled by me)
-new plates
-new exhaust
-engine by me(2d ofcourse,hahaha)
-realistic carcols(well as much i could get them with sa pallete...also the car now have 2 colors,like some was)
-new handling and vehicles.ide
-adapted to ivlm
-adapted to steering.cs

....aaaand that would be it i think,basically there isnt a single part that i didnt touched,edited or reworked on that car now,hahaha....but im pretty happy with the result:).and thats week i will hopefully relase meihan v2 finally,but i wanted to post subaru first,haha....well that would be it,so cya next time ;).