Monday, January 29, 2024

ebisu touge

hi, so i made another map for carx, an ebisu touge this time :D. there are atleast 2 ebisu touges for carx already, but both are full of problems, are impropertly scaled, neither have normal map and so on, so i figured its about time to just go and do my own, lel.

as damn near every ebisu touge mod there is for any game, this one is also from nfs shift. for being 15 years old, the model held up pretty well, lel. even tho i converted this map for gta ages ago already, i decided to start fresh with a new rip straight from shift. i made some changes to it, main one is the reworked vegetation. while i ended up removing some trees, i preserved all the bushes shift had, and its all propertly scaled too. you see with shift maps, when you import them, all of the trees and bushes become the same size, so i had to rescale all of it manually. suppose thats why half of the converts of this map (my old one included lmao) usally dont have most of the bushes or any bushes at all, ppls couldnt be fucked fixing it i guess....i certainly wasnt back then with the gta one lmfao. other than that i also smoothed and retextured the road, grass got retextured too, and a bunch of small fixes and improvements here and there. ofcourse it also haz a normal map so it doesnt look like made out of plastic ingame, and all the lamps that are around the track are also functional. thanks to SAYAKA for explaining me how to set the lights and some testing :).

all in all i think it ended up really nicely :).

as per usual with new maps, i also made a preview video:

so here it is :)


that will be all for today, i actually have one more thing to post that i made before the map, but i decided to skip it for the map so thats going to be the next post. so see you soon ;).

Monday, January 22, 2024

jzx100 cresta update and some parts

hi, so i figured its time to slightly rework my cresta i did a while back, lel. power wise its still kino swapped 1jz making somewhere around 320hp, but i have changed the trans final gear and second gear ratios, so now the power delivery is much smoother. what is also much smoother now is the suspension settings, it was abit too soft before, so i changed the settings using v___ice's tuning calculator, setting the spring rates to 8kg/mm at the front and 6kg/mm at the back. handles much nicer now :D. exterior changed quite a bit too, decided to go from bn sports kit to a vertex one. it also now haz eyebrows and oem spoiler on the trunk, the roof one was removed as im not really a big fan of roof spoilers on sedans and coupes lol. it now also have hks muffler and intercooler, enkei rp03 wheels (one size up from what was on it before), and badges. in the interior i added cusco bolton rollcage, and changed seats for falcon pattern recaros. some decals got slightly rearanged and i guess that all lel.

really happy with how this turned out, not only it handles much better than how it used to, but id say it also looks much better too :D.

and as per usual, half of there changes were made using mods, lel. so here goes the stuff used on this one that was made by me:


x100 cresta bundle

another pack thats slightly all over the place, lel. contains:

-fixed vertex front bumper (it now actually fits to the body and haz indicators, 2 variants, one is split in 2 pieces in case you want to do oem two tone like pictured)
3 trunk spoilers (oem with working brake light, car koubou, vertex. the latter 2 only fit on kouki rear propertly)
-badges (unlike the ones we already have, theyre actually centered to the car lol. if you want to use the rear ones on zenki rear, you will have to move them slightly) 



cusco rollcage kit

majority of rollcages in this game kinda sucks, and fitting object ones doesnt allways go very well unless it was made for the car youre trying to fit it into. i was thinking about something more universal, and sayaka's cusco halfcage gave me this idea.

contains main hoop, 2 variants of tubing, mounting plates to finish the tubing, and 2 variants of the tube mounts if you want to add x braces and what not. everything is paintable, pivots/origins are placed at logical spots to make fitting them toghether as easy as possible.

the ae86 cage pictured is just for inspo and not included, assemble it yourself :P




giko neko

old japanese meme from late 90s/early 00s. i dont know the full lore on it myself, so look it up if you care, lel.

all i know is that in late 00's, this model could be found in damn near every car mod for gta sa, especially the ones made by japanese modders. so i figured i will convert it to carx too for old times sake. and its kinda cute too lel





so that will be all for today, see you next time ;D.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024


hi, so here goes another build :D. while i was planning to do a 180sx as i havent done one in ages, i actually wasnt planning to do it now. but i recieved a commision work offer for a few 180sx bits, it was all a pretty cool stuff that i could see me using on my own one, so i agreed to it for once. during the process of making them, i kinda figured this is all pretty good and im just gonna do one for myself using this stuff for real, i even made some extra parts outside the commision ones as i wanted to use them on it haha. i will skim over the build quickly as you can see it on the pictures anyway, a 90s style painted in rose pink metallic with some aero bits and stickers here and there. engine is the stock sr20 (not kino swapped this time), NA, making somewhere around 250hp. handles pretty well :D.

so yeah, i think it ended up pretty well, really happy with it :D.

but wait, theres more! the first thing i asked the commisioner was if this is staying private or goes public, and he sayd its going public. so here you go :).


180sx bundle 

a bundle of aftermarket parts, mainly from the 90s. it contains the following:

-abflug headlights (2 variants)
-"rosebud" headlights (essentially a modified stock headlights, apperantly sold as some kind of a kit)
-slightly edited and fixed chuki bumper, 2 variants of the grille at the bottom (when using the rosebud headlights, also use this bumper for best results)
-eastbear front lip for chuki bumper (2 variants)
-ganador mirrors (not perfect, based on a mesh thats 20+ years old, but better than nothing lel)
-oneline taillights (also come with 2 variants of oneline sticker)
-bwave rear spoiler (its the same one i relased some time ago, but slightly fixed)

just load it in, no moving necessary. as per usual with custom lights, choose the "empty" ones in the catalog instead of disabling them in kino.



so yeah, thats all for this time, see you next time with whatever that will be, haha.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

R32 GT-R

hi, so i guess its time for another build :D. ages ago i used to lap around c1 loop in slrr and txr0 quite a bit, recently i got a c1 map for carx too and i got quite hooked on it again lmao. i didnt really felt like driving my drift cars around there, so i figured its a time to build a grip car aswell haha. decided to go with r32 gt-r, the tune is based on the "racing" one instead of the "ultimate" one, mainly to keep it 4wd and 5speed, i havent changed that much in it actually. engine is kino swapped rb26dett, tuned to around 340hp, max speed around 230kmh (wich is perfectly enough for c1, noone did 300+ runs there anyways). exterior is mostly stock except some n1 bits and stickers, paint is based on an actual BL0 silverishblueish metallic these also came in from factory. ofc i once again made some parts for it myself, but more about that bellow.

really like how this came out, and its super fun to drive :D.

as mentioned before, some of the bits for this one i made myself, so here you go:


r32 gtr improvements

new headlights and taillights, fixed and more accurate front bumper (2 variants, stock and with n1 vents), bonnet lip. 7 parts in total. just load it in, no moving necessary.

to use the lights, choose "empty" ones from the catalog first, do not disable them in kino.



so that will be all for today, see you next time ;).

Thursday, January 4, 2024

recaro sr3 pack v2 update

hi, just a quick update of my recaros. since knpp parts other than wheels are broken as fuck and throw sync completely off, i decided to convert my second version of recaros into objects (like the v1 was).

not only there arent sync issues with this, but they will also now work in cars such as s15, where the driver head was poking trough the roof lol

i will keep the knpp version up aswell, but its strongly reccomended to not use it outside of single player. that applyes to every knpp part except rims.



honestly i dont think i will be doing any more knpp parts other than wheels myself. in general its kinda annoying to set it all up, it haz a bunch of issues, etc.

so theres that. see you next time ;).

Monday, January 1, 2024

C33 kaido

happy new year :D. here goes another build, a c33 kaido racer this time. i havent build any kaido racers ever since s-tuner v1 went down toghether with flash back in 2019, so i figured its about time, lel. its essentially build out of custom parts, tho nearly none are by me this time around, and those that are werent even converted by me, lel. i think i will eventually make some kaido parts myself, i still have a shitton of them from my s-tuner days haha. anyways since im kinda rusty with them i decided to keep it simple with the livery, wich is all done in the livery editor and not in photoshop. i also swapped 3t-gte in it, solely because its loud as fuck and it quite works with a kaido car haha.

i think it ended up pretty good for a first one in allmost 5 years :D realistically it doesnt handle all that great but that was not its purpose anyways haha

in the last post i sayd i want to take a break from modelling over the holydays...well as per usual i did not and ended up making something after all, simplyer projects tho, nothing on a scale of the ae86 stuff haha. so here we go:


kenwood ksc-5090 speakers

figured its about time to model a proper glow up set of speakers, lel. correct scale, lights up toghether with running lights.

if you already had my pioneer ts-x7 fitted, you can use the same XYZ coords, should land in the same spot.



bridgestone super r.a.p.

made from scratch, besides lug nuts and valve. probably the most detailed wheel model i ever did lol. based on the old ones from 80s, not the newly rerelased ones (there are some differences)

4 variants availible, paintable (tho realistically 99% of them were white)



so that will be all for today. i dont have anything in the works right now, but i suppose thats gonna change soon anyways, so see you later ;).