Wednesday, November 29, 2023

nikko circuit

hi, so here goes another new map for carx, nikko circuit this time :D. someone might be like "wait, didnt you do nikko before?" rn and yes, this is actually 4th nikko i have done over the past 13 years lmao

this time i essentially combined 2 maps into one. road layout, some of its surrounding areas and some other details are from frlegends nikko, and pretty much everything else comes from my third version of the old nikko for rfactor by MIAMIAK, that i already reworked quite heavily back then. ofcourse combining 2 tracks into 1 meant that i had to remodel and retexture it even more, lel. i also remodelled the entire hill next to the straight and put a shitton of trees there to make it more accurate, made a fake hill next to the track so it doesnt look so empty there and some other details like updated signs, buildings placement etc. i gotta say some of details like this might not be 100% accurate as they seem to change stuff like this pretty often even irl and personally i find the road layout more important, but hey, its still better and more up to date than the original rfactor one is haha.

anyways, i think it ended up really good and im very happy with the result :).

and just like with hiroshima from the last post, i also made a preview video for nikko :D.

so here it is :).


that will be all for today, so i will see you next time with who knows what, lmao.