Thursday, July 28, 2011

updates soon...

hi,i have some stuff to do lately,so i dont have much time to doing any updates,i hope i will post nikko and other soon...meanwhile you can watch this video wich i did...

that program wich i use to run it can record too,so i might do some videos from gt4 etc too :D...thats all for now,so cya;D.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

toyota starlet ep82 tuned

hi,so there is tuned version of starlet ep82:D.i went quite wild on this one,its more like time attack car,but i actualy using it for ff drift what all i did change:
-bodykit(pretty much custom bodykit,atleast i didnt saw anything like that on some starlet yet,bumpers,sideskirts,fenders modeled/remodeled by me,bonnet by 41AEIMI,second big spoiler by SVANDER)
-new grill(this one,modeled by me)
-reworked trunk(middle light is gone,trunk is cleaned)
-new taillights
-interior(new seats,rollcage,new swheel,added gauges,removed rear seats)
-new wheels(my tom's racing ones)
-new exhaust(modeled by me)
-edited plates
and thats probaly all about this car,i must say its one from my best cars sofar i think :D...i have some next things to show up,like new nikko and some cars...i think i will start with nikko...thats all for now,so cya;D.

Friday, July 22, 2011

PREVIEW:nikko circuit v2

coming soon ;D.

also,how you can see,i abit edited my blog :D,new design,some new stuff,etc...enjoy xD.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

toyota starlet ep82

hi,so i did another car,this time i decided i will agin fix+ edit some of the 41AEIMI car,this time its a toyota starlet ep82:D.i did some fixes,+ i changed some things,so what i did on it:
-fixed smoothing and some other normals bugs
-reworked interior(new seats,swheel etc)
-new plates
-new wheels(steelies)
-new reflection
-spoiler is a extra part now
-new exhaust
and thats probaly all,i did tuned version too already,i will be showing it soon;) until then cya;D.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

tom's racing

hi,so there is my next wheel,this time its tom's racing wheel:D....idk what more to say about it,so thats probaly all for now,so cya xD...

Monday, July 11, 2011

shakotan gx71 cresta

hi,so there is my next car:D.this time its shakotan styled cresta gx71,wich i use for what i did on it:
-edited taillights(place for plate is gone)
-added diffuzor
-edited plates(yoroshiku plates,lightable)
-edited painjob(its twotune colored now,its not paintable by sa colors)
-edited headlights(2inner was removed,instead of one is red vent,instead of one is a marchal decal)
-removed badges from back
-added decals on rear window
-some things in interior(my dices on mirror but edited,oldschool rollcage modeled by me,news swheel and seat of driver)
-new wheels(ssr super star modeled by TOM2 and edited by me)
-edited exhaust
and that probaly all about this car:D...btw,i did new VIDEO,i want to know what you guys think about it,let me know here or in comments on youtube;)...i have to show some next things,i hope i show some tomorow thats all for now,so cya;D.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

toyota corsa el31 tuned

hi,so there is my next car,this time its tuned version of my corsa el31 :D...its quite oldschool/boso styled,so if i do some boso video/pic agin,it will be here for sure xD...main inspiration for this car was this mazda what all i did on it:
-bodykit(bumpers,sideskirts,edited front fenders,these things on bonnet,spoiler modeled by me,also i removed that vent from bonnet)
-edited taillights(they are dark now,on centre pannel is toyota logo now)
-some details in interior(dices on mirror,my pioneer repros,modeled desk between rear seats and trunk,because i wanted place repros here)
-trust decals on windows
-edited exhaust(end of it was retextured)
-edited plates
-new wheels( my supervolks)
and thats probaly all about this car...i have ready to show some more things,few cars and another wheel...i show one car,i hope, thats all for now,so cya;D.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

meihan circuit

hi,so there is my next map:D.this time its meihan circuit from rfactor,but actualy,TOM2 converted it first to IV,so i asked him for his already edited files from wich i did convert it to SA :D.

-on slower pc's it might lag,its pretty high poly,i think no trees version will be needed too...but i not going to do it lol
-mapeditor,better dont open it here,i dont say you cant,but because model is very high poly,it look kinda crazy in mapeditor lol


i have here sa:lc version too(in that one i did taked these pics),i dont relasing it,not because i dont want,but because im probaly only who using it lol,if someone will want it,i will relase it too
(some more info+download is under these pics)

not too many pics this time,if you want to see more look at THIS VIDEO.

thanks to:
SMAKZZ/TWISTERBEST-they did original for rfactor
TOM2-for edited files
KEISUKE-for some testing

i tested it only in stock unmodded gta,according to what keisuke sayd,it dont work with sakina,it should work on samp too.

so here you go:

if you want,you can edit it,like textures,do no trees version etc,if you want post it on your blog,just give me credit,thats all i want....ok so thats all this time,so cya;D.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


hi,there is my next scratch made wheel:D.this time its supervolk wheel:D...i did them like when polys of that small hubcap will be deleted,so there wont be just a hole,but rest of wheel with holes for bolts etc:D...thats probaly all about them,i already have car wich have them,but about that cya for now ;D.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

datsun sunny b210

hi,so there is my next car,i did this one some time ago,but i somehow didnt get to show it lol....anyway,its datsun sunny b210,and its convert from gta3,but pretty much remodeled by me,here and here you can see how original model did what all i done with it:
-convert from gta3
-remodeled body(on sides,on rear,on bonnet...etc....)
-remodeled grill and taillights
-interior(carpet was totaly remodeled,i added dashboard,doorboards and seats from my c110)
-new mirrors
-new wheels
-everything is retextured,by that i mean there isnt any original texture from original gta3 car
-added plates(number 82-10 have meaning,8 stands for B,so B2-10,so B210 :D)
-new engine
thats all about stock version,some more writting under these pics:

actualy i did slightly tuned version too,actualy i just changed wheels,so i decided i wont give its own post to
-new wheels (enkei apache by TOM2)
and thats all about the b210 :D....i did new video,where you can see my new map,i going to relase it soon ;) thats all for now,so cya;D.