Saturday, January 16, 2021

nissan silvia s13 K's

hi, so here goes another (partially) new thing, a nissan silvia s13 K's :D. years ago i did this silvia and have been using it ever since, but there was alot of things that could be better, so i decided to rework it. its basically the same story like with my levin haha. and so i did, ended up remodelling pretty much entire thing, its also full on late term K's with everything it should have :D. so anyway, what i did on it:


some things were reshaped as they werent too correct, especially the front wich was too slanted. bumpers, lights, bumpers, windows and theyr surrounds, doorhandles (originally by SURGE), mirrors were remodelled quite a bit. made a bunch of missing details such as fuel cap, wipers, antenne, badges and so on. new wheels, oem 15" hubcaps made by me, im kinda sick of seeing the 8spoke or teardrop alloys on about every stock s13 model, and i like this more anyway haha. tires are the usual stock ones, but the updated ones that i mentioned in the familia post, i actually made the update to them for this silvia haha. new colors, actual s13 ones based on a late term brochure, and some small things here and there.


interior is all new, originally from forza, i used the interior out of s13 convert made by NKYMTOR, but reworked it quite a bit, remodeled to make it propertly fit into this model, fixed some bugs here and there and completely retextured. the seat pattern is the correct one for K's trim. all the buttons and gauges glow in night.


engine is all new, its based on s14 engine from juiced2 but completely reworked to make it look more like s13 one, engine bay is all new but it uses the j2 textures to make it match with the rest.

like usally theres some extra parts, 2 this time, one is oem optional "surfboard" spoiler, and second is the surfboard spoiler+ oem optional front lip, both modeled by me. i was considering making the lip as a standalone extra aswell, but i didnt really feeled the look of it without any spoiler, so decided not to lel.

then all the typical gta stuff, new colisions, vlo and shadow models, adapted to steering.cs and ivlm, etc lel.

and thats all there is to it. i spend quite a few days working on this one, but i think it ended up really good and im really happy with it:D.

aaand thats is for this time, i still have one more thing to post about, not very suprisingly, its a tuned version of this s13 haha. so see you next time ;).