Tuesday, January 5, 2021

nikko circuit v3...?

hi, so here goes another new map, this time its a new version of nikko circuit :D.

the map is originally by MIAMIAK for rfactor. i already converted it before, allmost 11 years ago. i remodeled the map quite a bit back then, but it ended up looking rather bad, so later i made a second version that looked abit better, but it still wasnt that geat lol. figured its time to do it again, and propertly this time :D.

im actually not too sure if i can call it a v3, because it have absolutely nothing to do with the old versions, as i have started fresh with an rfactor map. i still ended up remodelling th map quite a bit, to make it fit in 1dff size limit, also made some fixes and improvements here and there, but i tryed my best to preserve the look of the original rfactor map with all the details, and i think i was rather succeful with it this time around hahaha. ofcourse i also remodeled it in a way where its an new island rather than floating road like usally haha.

other than that i did all the things to make it work and look nice in game, a day/night prelit, lod model etc. given to how the map layout is, i set the colision file in a way where the gravel part of the map actually act like gravel, and grass like grass when you drive on it haha. since the map model came with some street lamps here and there, i set up and 2dfx light for them so they work propertly too. and well, like usally, the map uses several dffs with same coordinates, so i could preserve all the details haha.

i think thats really all to it, im really happy with how it ended up :D.

and so thats all for this time, next is going to be an another revisit of older mod, a car this time. so see you then ;D.