Friday, June 18, 2010

nikko circuit

hi,so i did another map,nikko circuit this time:D. first i wanted convert it from rfactor,but i had alot of problems with sa limits,so in end i had to remodel whole thing,and only whats still from rfactor is all buildings,blillboards etc.i also edit colision so when youre on grass car acting like on grass etc.i allso add some sa things,like lamps,trees etc. its placed on highway near to ls,it work with my hakone and with akagi,it dont work with okaru,idk what about next maps,i tryed only these xD

i decided i rellase that one too,so here you go:D.

i also did another VIDEO on it:D.

in the end i want thanks to these ppls:
MIAMIAK (autor of original map for rfactor)
for some tips what to do with limits etc:D
thats probaly all this time,so cya;D.