Monday, March 11, 2024

nakayubi circuit

hi, i figured its about time to bring this absolute classic of a map from early gta sa days over to carx, so here it is, nakayubi circuit :D.

here goes some basic nakayubi lore for those who never heard of it: this map was originally a random kart track made for racer (remember that game? not suprised, noone does lmao) sometime in mid 00s. in 09 or 10, some japanese modder (sadly i dont remember who) converted it to san andreas, and reworked it into nakayubi circuit. unlike majority of custom maps of its time that were placed to los santos molo, this one was put over palomino creek beach, and it blended with the vanilla surroundings really well. it was a very popular map back in the day and its layout is super fun haha.

for the carx convert, i decided to keep it simple. make it feel as close as it did in gta but also blend it in as best as i could, so i ended up ripping palomino creek scenery, original trees and theyr placement included, and actually inmodelled the track in it. even the scenery is remodeled abit, i decided to get rid of the palomino creek itself, as the fact that first houses were like 10 meters from the track kinda bothered me even in gta lmao. i also remodelled the river slightly to preserve it, as in gta the track mostly hid it. the entire thing was then retextured using mostly original sa textures.

i think it ended up really good, looks and feels just like it did in gta, and its still super fun to drive at, even in carx :).


and as per usual at this point, i also shot a preview video. since this whole thing is a trip down the memory lane, enjoy some late 00s hardstyle, as thats what i used to use for bgm in all my videos back in the day haha

so here it is. thanks goes to SAYAKA for testing, and SWID for some assistance with ripping the original gta stuff etc.


so that will be all for today, see you next time ;).